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Lamoon Northern Thai Cuisine

Unlike other Thai restaurants,

Lamoon offers uniquely authentic  Northern Thai food.

About Lamoon

In Thai language, Lamoon means 'delicate, deliberately, well-taken care of'. It's as our promise to serve our guest the best food with the original taste as in our hometowns; Chiangmai, Lampang. We love foods and it's a passion we share with anyone who love Northern Thai cuisine.

What is Northern Thai Cuisine

One of the long-history cuisine in Thailand is a Lanna cuisine. The kingdom of Lanna was in the Northern part of Thailand, where Chiangmai, Chiangrai, and other upper provinces currently located. Lanna dishes exhibit more characteristics and attitudes which crafted with culture and lifestyle through the time and eventually became unique and typical. Unlike another central Thai cuisine, Lanna food is less sweet but more spicy and savory by using herbal ingredients. Such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and onion. The Northern Thai cuisine mainly uses pork and components that easily found locally, which cannot found in the regular Central Thai cooking. It also uses a variety of organic vegetables and fresh herbs.

Not too put merely, an exquiste presentation is not something you're looking on the plate at Lamoon - but the wonderful flavors that come rom fresh ingredients, or dried imported from Thailand and ingenious cooking wisdom from the century of knowledge.

Lamoon would like to share the same soul and attitude found in the Lanna Thai cuisine with everyone in NYC. We always stay right with our food. We are not looking for short-term trends nor the following anyone. We do not just offer the typical meal, but the experience way back in our hometowns. The way of thinking, concepts, traditions and natural characteristics of Lanna cuisine can be found at Lamoon.

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