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-------- Lamoon's Signature --------

SAI AUA (120 grams of Herbal Thai Sausage) $12

ground pork with chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, cilantro & pork ear


KHAO SOI    $13: Tofu/ Chicken       $16: Beef      $17: Seafood 

egg noodle in creamy coconut curry top with crispy noodle 

On side: shallot, lime slice & pickle lettuce



vermicelli in pork ribs shrimp paste stew, blood cubes, red cotton flowers & plum tomato

On side: pickled lettuce, bean sprout, long bean, lime slice & pork rinds


-------- Soup --------


Jor Pak Kad $6 / $10

mixed veggies with pork ribs in Northern Thai style soup

Yum Jin Gai $15

flamed hot pot with chicken & herbs in Northern Thai style soup 

Pork Blood Soup $12

home brewed pork stock with pork blood cube, homemade tender pork ball, pork liver,

pork stomach, green leave, garnished with fried garlic, scallion and served with Thai jasmine rice

Leng Soup (limited per day) $15

BRUTALLY SPICY and sour soup with slow cooked pork spine,

garnished with mountain of fresh chop chili and scallion

Poh Tak $19

Thai style spicy herbal bouillabaisse with shrimp, squid, salmon, mussel. 

Enriched with fresh chili, lime juice, basil, and cilantro




-------- Appetize -------

Khao Tod $1 / ball

crispy fried rice ball with curry paste, kaffir lime leaves & coconut flake

Mango with Sweeten Fish Sauce $6

fresh sliced mango served with homemade sweeten fish sauce, shallot,

sugar, fish sauce, chili & dried baby shrimp

Hnam Kadook Moo $10

organic grandpa recipe homemade fried fermented pork ribs;

fermented with salt, garlic, rice only

Crab Egg Plam $9

grilled scramble eggs with crab meat in banana leaves 

Khao Kun Jin $7

jasmine rice and ground pork marinated in pork blood

Fried Lemongrass Chicken Wings $7

fried marinated chicken wings with coriander root, lemongrass & kaffir lime leaves


Yum Woon Sen (Spicy Glass Noodles Salad) $10

glass noodles with ground pork, shrimp, squid, chili, celery, onion, lime & peanut


Angie $13

steam marinated pork brain with Homemade shrimp paste & mixed herbs

Abb Ong Oor $9

steam marinated pork brain with Homemade shrimp paste & mixed herbs

Mango Salad $8

shredded mango salad with chili, carrot, peanut, shallot, cilantro 

& crispy sesame anchovy, top with boiled ant eggs

Kung Pare $10

pan fried crispy baby shrimp cloud cake. served with sweet chili sauce

Kung Pao $10

grilled 9 shrimps on skewers, covered with spicy LENG soup

Larb Kuy $16

spicy mixed 9 herbs homemade shrimp paste with buffalo meat.

Topped with crispy rice angel hair noodle. Served with assort fresh veggies


Larb Neua $12

mixed 9 herbs homemade shrimp paste with ground pork. 

Topped with crispy rice angel hair noodle. Served with assort fresh veggies

-------- Curry -------

Choice of Meat:【Tofu/Veggie/Chicken/Pork】$13 【Beef】$14 【Shrimp】$16
***Homemade Meat:【Roasted Marinated Pork / Fried Marinated Chicken / Beef Tender】$17

Green Curry

rich and creamy spicy green curry with tender coconut meat,

Thai eggplant, basil, coconut sugar. Served with Thai jasmine rice

Northern Red Curry

rich and creamy red curry with grape, longan, young jackfruit, bell pepper,

basil and coconut sugar. Served with Thai jasmine rice

Pineapple Curry

homemade pineapple chili paste curry with chunk of pineapple, karffir lime leaves,

and bell pepper. Served with Thai jasmine rice

Panang Curry

gravy Panang curry with kaffir lime leaves, bell pepper and coconut sugar.

Served with Thai jasmine rice

-------- Main Course -------

Tum Kanoon (Jackfruit salad) $13

green jackfruit, ground pork, homemade shrimp paste, plum tomato,

kaffir lime leaves, cilantro & scallion, served with Sticky Rice

Nam Prik Ong $11

Thai shrimp paste, ground pork, plum tomato, shallot, garlic & dried chili

On side: cucumber, cabbage, yu choy, pork rinds. served with rice


Kang Hung Ley $13

tender pork belly, ginger, peanut, pickled garlic with masala curry. served with rice


Kang Hoh $12

glass noodles with Masala curry and assorted veggies & peanut. served with rice

Veggie Treasure $12

sauté assorted vegetables wrapped in steamed napa cabbage.

Served with Thai jasmine rice

Filet Tamarind Fish $13

fried filet branzino sea bass with homemade tamarind sauce, steam bok choy, carrot,

fresh pomegranate, or blueberry. served with Thai jasmine rice

-------- Fried rice & noodle --------

Choice of meat $13: pork/ chicken/ tofu/ veggie     $14: beef     $16: shrimp


Fried Rice Nam Prik Ong

fried rice with homemade plum tomato chili paste

Fried Rice Nam Prik Noom

fried rice with homemade green chili paste

Fried Rice Egg Wrap

fried rice with plum tomato, onion, scallion in egg net wrapped

Garlic Oyster Sauce

oyster sauce sauté in Thai street food style with fried dice garlic and black pepper,

topped with fried egg, served with Thai jasmine rice

Pink Lady

rice noodle sauté with sweet turnip, black tofu, chives, ground peanut,

bean sprout & dried shrimp flake

Thai Tea Padthai 

Thai tea infused rice noodle sauté with tamarind juice, sweet turnip, black tofu, ground nut,

beansprout, dried shrimp flake & topped with splash of coconut milk

Pad Sriracha Noodle

flat noodle sauté with Thai Sriracha sauce, onion,

scallion on top of green leave. Garnished with Vietnamese Sriracha sauce

Finger Root Pad Kee Mao

flat noodle sauté with ginger root, bell pepper, onion, and homemade spicy green chili paste.

Garnished with crispy Thai basil & pickle black pepper seed

Pearl Pad See Ew

flat noodle sauté with homemade See Ew sauce,

Chinese broccoli and Thai tapioca pearl. Garnished with ground black pepper

Rice $2 / Sticky Rice $3

-------- Drink --------

$4: Blue Moon (Coconut Juice topped with Butterfly pea flower juice)

$4: Pellegrino sparkling water 500ml

$3: Chrysanthemum tea/ Thai iced tea/ Thai Iced coffee 

Soda $2: Pepsi/ Diet Pepsi/ Sprite

-------- Sweet --------

Rainbow Sticky Rice & Mango $10: 6 organic natural colors sticky rice with fresh mango

Floating Lotus $8: 3 organic color tapiocas; sweet potato, purple yam, butterfly pea flower

with coconut meat, salted yolk & yellow sticky rice in warm coconut milk.