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- our chef - 

Lamoon is the only one restaurant that offering pure Northern Thai food in New York. Our chefs, Arada Moonroj was inherited the arts of cooking from their family's elders. So, it's very authentic as much as the one in her hometown, Lampang, neighboring province of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Arada moved to US since 2008, many times that she cooked for parties for her friends & families and all of her friends said, Wow! Arada, your food is very amazing, you should open your own restaurant. It's going to be great for us that we can have your dishes every day. One day she decided to open her restaurant, and she named it "Lamoon" which mean "delicate, or well taking care" as her promise to take care every dish to every guests who comes to Lamoon.

Living in NYC has never been easy for everyone, so Arada. She encountered many obstacles such as people attitude, weather, language, live style. Even though living in NY is very tough situation for a single female from Thailand. But she has a goal to archive, to present the original taste of Northern Thai cuisine to the world, and to be a successful chief. So Arada used the cooking skills that she inherited from her family to comfort herself, to cheer her up and to help her gain more experiences during living in NYC.

Arada reveals about her secret recipes that every dishes she's created is made of two things, one is her inspiration and second is wisdom from her grandparents. Her inspiration came from the experience of her living in her hometown, Lampang.

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